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LAN R5679 styrtede ned vest for Grønhøj den 25. september 1942. Alle 7 flyvere omkom. Se Google Map p114 LAN R5679.

Frode Andersen fortalte i oktober 2012 til UGE-AVISEN KARUP i artiklen i uge 44 Endnu et øjenvidne om luftkampen.

LAN R5679 crashed west of Grønhøj on 25 SEP 1942. All 7 airmen perished. See Google Map p114 Lancaster R5679.

In October 2012 Frode Andersen
related to the KARUP WEEKLY in the article on 31 OCT Endnu et øjenvidne  Translation:

Another eye witness by Knud Gaarn-Larsen  (Caption: It was a plane of this type that Frode Andersen saw.)

Even if it now is more than 70 years ago that a British Lancaster with 7 crew members was shot down by a German fighter there are still approaches from people
who have pieces to the puzzle of reconstructing the event.

The latest approach has come from Frode Andersen, born at Herningvej 64 where he grew up.

- I was born in 1935, so I was 7 years old when it happened. I remember that my sisters had gone to bed and I had just gone out to pee before I went to bed.
Then the two planes came at a low height shooting like mad at each other and both planes were in flames, Frode Andersen relates. His elder brother Aage is still
living on the farm.

Close call

The war came a little too close that night.

- A bullet from one of the planes hit our house and made a hole through the seat of a chair that my sister had used earlier in the evening, Frode Andersen relates.
Today he lives in Viborg.

He went to school in Dollerup School and he remembers that the war was also close when he went to school. At the railway crossing there were German soldiers
with guns and he was a bit thrilled when he passed the German soldiers on his way to and from school.