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Skrevet af Ole Kraul i 1980 eller senere.   Google Map p047 Hampden AE300

Written by Ole Kraul in 1980 or later.         Google Map p047 Hampden AE300

Information given by Wireless Operator, Sergeant J.A.S. Philson
in connection with his visit in July 1980 - about escape route 12-15 September 1941.

From the place where he landed in the field south of Havlykkegaard in Belle Philson went through the hedgerow and down the steep now demolished earth road to Bellelund watermill
and crossed the new road which was under construction. He passed a number of tipper waggons which he would have liked to set in motion. However, he gave up the thought, as
they would certainly make to much noise.

He stopped short in his tracks when he saw a figure standing in the gleam in a doorway.
Some minutes later Philson slowly turned around and walked away casting a sidelong glance
at the figure to see if the person would follow him. This was not the case.

At daybreak he reached the Vejle Fjord where he hid in some bushes from which he had a
good view of the beach. He noticed a fisherman who placed his net off the coast and a fishing boat passing by. He spent all of the day of Friday 12 September on this spot. He put himself
on a ration of cigarettes - he had a total of 7 or 8 cigarettes.

In the night before 13 September Philson tried to move in a north easterly direction guided by the North Star. That took him through a meadow with a number of grazing horses. He noticed that they were tied together two by two. (Very likely the horses that pulled the tipper
waggons at daytime.)

On his left hand he had a stream that he followed through the meadow. From there he
reached a road. Still he thought that he was moving to the north east. When he began to
see daylight he came to a farm. The way in "forked" to the left. To the right was a garden,
then a detached farmhouse and then an outhouse with two wings.

A ladder was leaning against a hatch in a house end and kept it closed. Cautiously Philson moved the ladder and climbed up into the hayloft.