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See photos and speeches  Korning * Bøgballe * Aale  See also Horsens Folkeblad 5 May 2011: Thanks to the Allied airmen see photo and text

Horsens Folkeblad Wednesday 4 May 2011:

4 May evening commemorated in a number of places

Historical expert Anders Straarup at Korning, Bøgballe and Aale

By Søren Viggo Kristensen svk@hsfo.dk

KORNING - In keeping with tradition the liberation on 4 May 1945 will be commemorated at memorial ceremonies three places in the Municipality of Hedensted.

At 18.00 the first of the ceremonies will commence at the memorial stone erected at the entrance of Korning School.

Here Jens Pedersen, the chairman of the Association of Local History in Korning, will welcome the assembly. Then Anders Straarup will lay a wreath.

- Anders Straarup, a former teacher and an officer of the reserve, has since his retirement spent most of his spare time on registering everything about the Allied airmen
who were shot down over Denmark during World War II. He may be the person now living who knows most about these events which he has collected on his
website www.airmen.dk , relates Arne Rosenkvist, the PR branch of the Danish Army Home Guard in Hedensted.

Anders Straarup will make use of his knowledge of history when he subsequently speaks at the ceremonies at 19.00 in Bøgballe and at 20.00 in Donneruplund at Aale
arranged by the Denmark Society and the Danish Home Guard in Hedensted.

- At both of the sites a memorial stone has been erected to allied airmen who lost their lives in the fight against the German occupying forces, Arne Rosenkvist relates.

After the last wreath laying ceremony in Aale the Home Guard will offer a cup of coffee at the Home Guard Centre in Honum.

Arne Rosenkvist urges all associations that over the years have received banners from the Denmark Society to attend the memorial ceremonies, and he asks people
in all of the municipality to keep the old tradition of placing candles in the windows this evening.