Burton C. Holtzman                                                                                 Updated:  08 JUN 2015

Airman: e777151.htm Surname: Holtzman Init: B C Rank: S/Sgt Service: USAAF Sqdn: 004

P_link: p345.htm Plane: B24 4440443 Operation: Bomb G Crash_site: Near Holt, Suffolk

Crash_d: d240844 Buried_d: e777c C_link: e777c.htm At_Next: NO - CAM

“Under et bombetogt med Kiel som mål blev en B-24 Liberator ramt af flak i en motor. Over Nordsøen (53,40N-04,05E) sprang 9 besætningsmedlemmer ud med faldskærm. De omkom alle.

Den 10. mand  ombord, Command Pilot, Major Garrett, kunne ikke forlade flyet, der var gået i spin. Senere fik han atter kontrol over flyet og fortsatte mod vest til
benzinen slap op. Major Garrett sprang ud med faldskærm over England, hvor flyet styrtede ned i et hus i Suffolk.
” (FAF)

S/Sgt (Nose Gunner) Burton C. Holtzman har ingen kendt grav.
Hans navn
findes på Tablets of the Missing, Cambridge American Cemetery, England.
Han kom i tjenesten fra Wisconsin. Hæderstegn: Air Medal, Purple Heart. (Kilde: ABMC)
10 flyvere.

”On a bombing raid targeting Kiel a B-24 Liberator was hit by flak in an engine. Over the North Sea (53,40N-04,05E) 9 members of the crew bailed out.
All of them perished.

The 10th man on board, Command Pilot, Major Garrett, was unable to leave the plane, which had started spinning. Later he regained control over the plane and
went on towards west till he ran out of fuel. Major Garrett bailed out over England, where the plane crashed into a house in Suffolk.” (FAF)

S/Sgt (Nose Gunner) Burton C. Holtzman  has no known grave.
His name is inscribed on Tablets of the Missing at Cambridge American Cemetery, England.

He en
tered the Service from Wisconsin. Awards: Air Medal, Purple Heart. (Source: ABMC)

From 34th Bomb Group Mission Diary for AUGUST 1944: Missions #48-#63 Compiled by Gary L. Ferrell
B-24J 44-40443 D/D With the 4BS. Pilot: Mackey. Unnumbered Missing Air Crew Report. 9 Killed in Action, 1 Returned to Duty. This plane was hit by flak in #1 engine causing considerable loss of fuel. Engineer reported only three minutes fuel remaining so the crew was ordered to bail out. Nine men did bail out but Major Garrett was unable to leave when the plane went into a spin. He was able to right the plane and decided to fly until the fuel ran out. The plane did reach England and Major Garrett bailed out and the plane crashed into a house at Holt, Suffolk. Fortunately there were no injuries to anyone on the ground. Salvaged with battle damage

This B 24 Liberator belonged to 34th Bombardment Group . 4th BS, 34th BG, 93rd CBW, 3rd BD, 8 AF, USAAF.  It took off from Mendlesham Airfield, Station 156.
10 airmen.