Hyllested Nye Kirkegård - Cemetery                     Updated:  10 APR 2012   

Hyllested, 1 flyver.
Hyllested Kirke, Kirkevænget 12A, Hyllested, 8400 Ebeltoft i Syddjurs Kommune.
Hyllested Nye Kirkegård er ca. 500 m sydvest for kirken!

Indgangen er her. Gravstedet er her mod sydøst.


Hyllested, 1 airman.
Hyllested Kirke, Kirkevænget 12A, Hyllested, DK-8400 Ebeltoft in the
Municipality of Syddjurs.
Hyllested New Cemetery is about  500 m south east of the church!

The entrance is here. This plot is here to the south east.




Airman Surname Init Rank Service Sqdn P_link Plane Operation Crash_site Crash_d Buried_d C_link At_Next
a038001.htm unknown xx xx RAF xx p444.htm UNKNOWN Unknown UNKNOWN d111111 b131145 c038.htm Hyllested