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On 22 JUL 2015 Kim Nielsen-Creeley sent me this e-mail:

"Our school is honouring two brothers who lost their lives serving in WW II. One of the young men, Henry James Brock drowned after bailing out over the North Sea. His body was found on 4th July 1945, and was interred at Hune in a ceremony officiated at the graveside by Vicar
F Busch on 6th July 1945.

We are seeking permission to possibly use
an image of the memorial stone at Hune as
part of a  permanent display. The Brock family contributed generously to the building funds at Launceston Church Grammar School and there is a fine building named for the brothers, who sacrificed so much."

Of course she got a number of photos!

On 11 November 2015 the Brock Memorial
was dedicated in honour of

Flying Officer                       Warrant Officer
Henry James Brock           Harold Eric Brock




Dear Anders,
well we made it through 11th November. The Brock Memorial was dedicated yesterday and our School hosted the largest Service we have ever had. The story of the brothers has captured the hearts of many people. There has been a lot to consider, including the situation around the entrance way to the original Brock Library which has been enveloped by the Henrietta Cooper School of Music. We were careful not to cover the original lintel over the original entrance.

I have been able to work with a great graphic artist to realise the panels. The family have been very generous and have shared realia which we displayed on the day. This included Jim and Joe's log books and wings. Thank you for supplying the Hune churchyard images. The places where the brothers rest are imaged at the bottom of the two panels in subdued colour and work very well in the concept of the display. The family have visited both places and this is a very important part of the narrative.

We have acknowledged you and your contact at Hune, as we agreed.

With Kind Regards,