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Transcription of Report of Danish Police on Fold 3, MACR 42-95144
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Headquarters of L 51 205  Military Postal Number Lgpa Hamburg 1
Copy: Report of Danish Police:
The body of a flyer with parachute was washed ashore on the Eastend of Eriks Hale (here, AS) near Marstal, where Shoemaker Rusell (found) it according to a phone call of Doctor Faager-Eriksen. As the signer was present shortly afterwards, the body was transported by wagon to the morgue near Marstal. An examination of the body under the assistance of church warden Nummelin, District of Marstal resulted in the following findings:
1. Several fabric belts with hooks and buckles strapped to the upper part of the body.
2. A yellow rubber collar (life belt) around the neck
3. A suit of green cloth with long sleeves.
4. 1 grey scarf (woolen)
5. grey undersuit with long sleeves and zip fastener
6. 1 pair of grey canvas boots
7. 1 -     -   brown socks
8. 1 -     -   long pants of greyish fabric
9. 1 -     -   suspenders
10.1 -    -    grey drawers (woolen)
11.1 canvas suit, pants and jacket of overall type with breast and knee pockets.
12.1 grey knitted vest with long sleeves
13.1 white jacket (woolen)
14.1 large parachute of white silk strapped to the body
15.Further findings:
2 identification tags on a string around the neck with the following inscription: Jack E. Wagner, 33506689 - T-43 - 43 O P
16. A golden ring on the left ringfinger.
17. A bracelet with plate and the following engravings, around the wright wrist: Love Dottie - 33506689 - Jack E. Wagner
18. A fountain pen
19. A magazine with m/6 revolver cartridges
20. A small leather pocket book containing several photographs and papers by which can be determined that the found Jack E. Wagner was born on September 21, 1925 at Harrisburgh, Pennsylvania, where his home is.

The body is unrecognizable but on the whole well preserved and had been in water for a long time.
Part of it is in the process of decay and causes such a stench, that a coffin had to be requisitioned to put it in immediately. The found effects were taken over.
(Supplement to the medical attestation)
The dead was found today on the beach of Eriks Hale. The body was found in a lying position, clad in a flying suit. It was taken to the morgue in Marstal. Clothes were removed. Part of the body is in the process of decay. Most of the skin has cast off in blisters. There were no signs of external wounds.
To certify the correctness of this report:
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