Andrew Mitchell      Photo: Knud Riis     Updated:  16 MAR 2013

Airman: a014088.htm Surname: Mitchell Init: A Rank: Sgt Service: RAF Sqdn: 12

P_link: p132.htm Plane: LAN W4372 Operation: Bomb G Crash_site: The North Sea

Crash_d: d180143 Buried_d: b180543 C_link: c014.htm At_Next: Esbjerg, A. 9. 4

Kl. 16.34 den 17. januar 1943 lettede LAN W4372 fra RAF Wickenby på bombetogt mod
Berlin (her). Flyet medførte en 4.000 pund bombe og brandbomber og gik tabt sammen med
3 andre fly fra denne squadron. (Kilde: MACR) (Ingen af de 3 i

A. Mitchell blev fundet drevet ind på Søgaard Forstrand (omkring her) den 14. maj 1943.
Han blev begravet i Esbjerg den 18. maj 1943. (Kilde: AOD)

Sergeant (Air Gunner) Andrew Mitchell, 33 år, var søn af Andrew og Agnes Mitchell, Dundee;
gift med Phyllis Comrie Mitchell, Dundee.
(Kilde: CWGC)

1 flyver fra LAN W4372 blev begravet i Esbjerg. 6 flyvere har ingen kendt grav. 7 flyvere.

At 16.34 on 17 January 1943 LAN W4372 took off from RAF Wickenby on a bombing raid
targeting Berlin (here). It carried a 4,000 lb. bomb and incendiaries and was lost with 3 other aircraft
from this squadron. (None of them on
The plane crashed in the North Sea. No survivors. (Source: MACR)

A. Mitchell was found washed ashore on Søgaard Forstrand (about here) on 14 May 1943.
He was buried in Esbjerg on 18 May 1943. (Source: AOD)

Sergeant (Air Gunner) Andrew Mitchell, 33, was the son of Andrew and Agnes Mitchell,
of Dundee, and the husband of Phyllis Comrie Mitchell, of Dundee. (Source: CWGC)
"I will ransom them from the power of the grave. I will redeem them from death"

1 airman from LAN W4372 was buried in Esbjerg. 6 airmen have no known grave.

See Bomber Command No. 12 Squadron and 12 Squadron RAF at
This Lancaster - see Lancaster Photos - took off from RAF Wickenby.  7 airmen.