Roy Aubrey McLernon - from Mandø to freedom     På dansk            Updated: 04 AUG 2017

In De fandt en vej (They found a way) Anders Bjørnvad tells about a number of the people who helped Roy Aubrey McLernon from Mandø to Sweden:

"2 of the 6 airmen who got out of the burning plane drowned while 3 were captured by the Germans. Only McLernon was lucky.

After he landed in water about 1 m deep he waded to Mandø where he hid for some days on the east side of the island. Gradually he made contacts with a number of residents of the island with whom he discussed his chances of getting away from Mandø.

Skipper Knud Hansen told Anker Frederiksen about the airman. Anker Frederiksen shared this information with engine driver Chris Svenning in Esbjerg who was in
contact with parachute agent Møller Christensen who in advance promised to arrange further transport if they managed to take him to Esbjerg. (Parachute agents were Danes trained by the S.O.E. and dropped over Denmark to assist the resistance movement.)

They made it! Knud Hansen assisted in McLernon's transport to Esbjerg. From here the airman was taken to Århus by Ejnar Pedersen. The legendary parachute agent Ole Geisler then took care of McLernon who stayed with him for some days. Later the airman stayed with the sisters Jøker and with Doctor Baastrup-Thomsen and his wife.

One day the waiting was over. McLernon went by train to the north from Århus and carrier Anders Venning Stensgaard and Ole Geisler drove him and parachute agent Ejnar Balling to the coast. "Wolle" (skipper Oluf Andersen) with his cutter "Stanley FN 10" was waiting for him. 9 people crossed the Kattegat that night and landed in Varberg.

A letter from Flemming B. Muus relates that the transfer took place on 16 September - about 3 weeks from McLernon's crash at Mandø.

From Varberg McLernon went by train to Stockholm where the British legation took care of him in every way with new clothes and a hotel room to start with. He was
also informed that it might take 3-4 weeks till he could get to England by one of the heavily booked courier planes. Together with another British airman, who had
come directly across the Baltic Sea from Germany, McLernon went to the theatre on his second night in the Swedish capital. Suddenly during the show they were
told to leave the very same night. They got up from their seats, went to the airport and reached England in the morning.

After a well deserved vacation back in Canada McLernon again joined his unit in England. During the next months he flew 27 bombing raids on Germany. The flight
cut short at Mandø was his 4th operation. After these 31 operations McLernon was promoted Wing Commander (Lieutenant Colonel) and for the duration of the war
he was in charge of an airfield in England." (DFEV)