LAN JB412 - Air crash near Varnæs                 På dansk                           Updated:  22 FEB 2023 

LAN JB412 crashed near Varnæs on 29 JAN 1944
point III on this map, in here.
This from Svend Aage Iversen must be read together with
Hans Brandt about the Bomber. Then a bright boy, 11, in 2009
an active retired teacher in Børkop. He died on 02 JAN 2017.

"Probably it was like how Hans Brandt describes it in most places here in the
border area. When there was an overflight you had to get up from your bed.
It was also like this on 29 JAN, when I together with my parents was heading
for a nearby shelter (point 1).

Then we saw a burning plane coming from the south west, turn a little and then
continue eastwards. A few seconds later we heard that it crashed.

We did not see where it was until daybreak. It was lying as Hans Brandt
describes it at point 3. At point 2 there was a machine gun with lots of
ammunition that we lads stupidlly filled our pockets with and brought home.

At point 6 there was the mine that was mentioned.

It was said that if it had exploded, the nearby farm and quite a number of houses
in Varnæs would have been flattened.

I have been in touch with an old school pal who then was living on the farm (point 7). She related that two engines (point 4 and 5) were lying about 5 metres from the farm and also that a number of pieces
of wreckage had gone through the roof of the barn. Ammunition and debris were scattered all over the place.

Brandt mentioned the two soldiers who fired into the air, and she remembered their names. They were quartered on the farm for about a fortnight. They were to see to it that not too much was removed       from the wreckage. Metal could be recycled, they said with a knowing smile. The two guys really had a good time for nearly a fortnight. At long last everything was removed."

PS. The farm (point 7) was at Blåkrogvej 5, 6200 Aabenraa, here on KRAK-map, and  here in KRAK-aerial photo.