Stirling I BF447 - Near Vrønding - Monument                             Updated: 11 DEC 2019

Monument for 5 flyvere fra STI BF447 rejst her ved
Kærgaard, Tamdrup Kirkevej 7, 8700 Horsens,
1,5 km sydvest for Tamdrup Kirke.
Mindestenen blev afsløret den 5. maj 1950.

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Monument to 5 airmen from
STI BF447 erected here at
Tamdrup Kirkevej 7, DK-8700 Horsens,
1.5 km south west of Tamdrup Church.
The memorial stone was unveiled on 5 May 1950.

In memory of
F/O J.W. Scott                 22 years
Sergeant W.T. Jones       22 years
Sergeant T. Rich             23 years
Sergeant G. Sutton         22 years
P/O D.J. Brown               22 years
who perished here in the air crash
April 29, 1943.
They died in the common fight
for freedom and justice.

Erected by residents of the parish.

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