Lecture at the National Museum of Denmark on 28 OCT 2015 Updated: 08 NOV 2015                        
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Friends of the Museum of Danish Resistance (FMV) mentions this as one of a number of lectures at the
National Museum of Denmark as the Museum of Danish Resistance has temporarily been closed due to a fire in 2013.
The lecture was introduced in this way:

Wednesday 28 October, 19.00 Anders Straarup: Allied airmen shot down over Denmark         
Anders Straarup, the man behind the website www.airmen.dk, will tell us about Allied airmen that were shot down over
Denmark during the Occupation. Anders Straarup states, "
The fallen airmen are not an anonymous group. They were men,
often very young, who lost their lives in the war of their time. We have every reason to be grateful for what they did. The aim
of this website is to preserve their names, what their loved ones felt at the loss of their airman and what Danes felt by experiencing the war at close range."

On the night before 21 April 1945 Liberator B 24 GRD KH410 flew on an anti submarine patrol to the Kattegat. However,
at midnight the plane crashed into the western part of Rold Forest - more precisely about 2 km south of Aarestrup Church.
First the big plane had removed the tops of some beech trees. Then it hit a group of spruces so about 200 trees were
crashed or torn up. The plane burned with the 11 members of the crew in or around the wreck. All of the crew perished.