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Sandstensmonument ved Aalestrup Kirke rejst 5. maj 1946
af beboere i Aalestrup og Østerbølle kirkedistrikter, se foto fra afsløringen og "gravsten" 1945.
Engelsk tekst: "I min fars hus er mange boliger. Johs. 14,2."

Here rest 14 allied airmen of war who in the battle against nazism fell in the night
August 29.-30 1944.

Their battle was our battle.
In my father´s house are many mansions. S. John 14.2

Fight for all that you hold dear, die if so you must
Erected at Aalestrup Church by residents of the church districts Aalestrup and Østerballe.
Money was collected among the residents. The monument was unveiled on May 5, 1946. Replaced this.