Furreby Kirkegård - Churchyard                                        Updated: 05 JUN 2018

Furreby, 2 flyvere.
Furreby Kirke, Furreby Kirkevej 68, 9480 Løkken
i Hjørring Kommune.

Indgangen er her. Gravene er her øst for kirken.

Se denne side om kirken


Furreby,  2 airmen.
Furreby Kirke, Furreby Kirkevej 68, DK-9480 Løkken in the
Municipality of Hjørring. 

The entrance is here. This plot is here east of the church.

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Airman Surname Init Rank Service Sqdn P_link Plane Operation Crash_site Crash_d Buried_d C_link At_Next
a020001.htm Hannigan W P Sgt RAF 97 p028.htm MAN L7324 Bomb G The North Sea. d160541 b050841 c020.htm Furreby
a020002.htm unknown xx xx RAAF xx p444.htm UNKNOWN Unknown UNKNOWN d111111 b130243 c020.htm Furreby