Whitley                                                                                                    Updated:  06 AUG 2015

Alle 6 WHI Armstrong Whitworth Whitley i Flytyper


All 6 WHI Armstrong Whitworth Whitleys on Planetypes

P_link Plane Force Sqdn Operation Crash_d Crash_site Mon Year
p002.htm WHI N1405 RAF 051 Bomb G d190340 Off Morsum, Sylt No y1000
p005.htm WHI K9048 RAF 051 Attack DK d240440 At Hadsund No y1000
p007.htm WHI N1383 RAF 102 Attack DK d260440 Vildmosen Yes y1111
p035.htm WHI Z6555 RAF 078 Bomb G d090741 The North Sea No y1000
p048.htm WHI Z6498 RAF 058 Bomb G d120941 Grønsund No y1000
p134.htm WHI Z6834 RAF 999 Other d290143 The North Sea No y1000