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Mere fra Jan Bakker den 8. august 2013.
Jan Bakkers bedsteforældre gav Niels Buchwald en grav ved deres gård.

Inskriptionen (her oversat fra engelsk):
"Til minde om danskeren Niels Juul Rysensteen Buchwald,
Flying Officer RAF, som den 3. oktober 1944 styrtede ned ved Schoondijke, og som et bevis på taknemmelighed fra Niels Buchwalds forældre til familien Ramondt Weijns."

More from Jan Bakker on 8 August 2013:
"Here’s one more addition to the story. Some family members of the Ramondt family moved to Canada after the war. Amongst them my
oldest uncle who passed away some years ago, but I still have some contact with a cousin in Ontario. Mentioning my search on Niels
Buchwald she remembered a memorial plate given by the Buchwald
family to the Ramondt family as a token of appreciation. This plate
probably went to Canada with my uncle and now belongs to another cousin. He managed to take some pictures of it.

We already found out that the coat of arms on top of the plate must probably be of the Rysensteen-Buchwald family, though looking at the
one on the left I am not quite sure if it is the same one as we thought
at first, the one at the bottom of the page, second one from the right:

The text on the plate says:
“In remembrance of the Dane Niels Juul Rysensteen Buchwald Flying Officer R.A.F. who on October 3rd 1944 crashed at Schoondijke and
as a token of gratitude from the parents of Niels Buchwald towards the
Ramondt Weijns family.” Weijns by the way being my grandmothers maiden name."