Unknown British Airman                                                                    Updated:  18 JUL 2008                                                                  

Airman: a065008.htm

Surname: unknown

Service: RAF Sqdn: xx

P_link: p444.htm


Operation: Unknown

Crash_site: UNKNOWN

Crash_d: d111111

Buried_d: b140645

C_link: c065.htm

At_Next: Nr. Vorupør

FAF: Nedgravet af værnemagten på stranden ved Nr. Vorupør i efteråret 1944. Begravet på kirkegården den 14. juni 1945.

FAF: Dug down by the German Wehrmacht on the beach at Nr. Vorupør in the autumn of 1944. Buried at the cemetery 14 June, 1945.

Here rests an unknown English airman who in 1944 sacrificed his life for his country and for the freedom of Denmark.
In the hands of the Lord is the life of every creature.  Job 12.10
Residents of Vorupør erected this memorial in profound gratitude to him and his brave brothers in arms.