Air crash near Meltofte         The full version in Danish                                 Updated:  15 OCT 2015

Account about B17 42-39936 from Gunnar Ploug, 9 years old at the air crash to AirmenDK on 5 May 2015.
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Google Map p280 with details of the crash site and more. The exact site may be found with metal detectors.

Excerpt with the part connected directly to the air crash:

Easter Sunday 9 April 1944 was a beautiful day with clear and sunny weather. The day was marked  by many overflights to and from areas south of Lolland, and
the sky was full of condensation trails from the planes.

In the afternoon they sounded  the air raid warning in Nakskov. ”Fortunately we do not have to care about that here,” my grandfather stated.

At the time for our afternoon coffee we heard violent shooting. My mother, my father and I went to the road from which we in direction of Søllested could see two presumably Allied fighters in a spiral dive shooting at a third fighter that flew low over the field. My aunt left the road to help making coffee. At about the same time
a four-engined flying fortress with fire and smoke from the fuselage came from an easterly direction right towards us and the farm. My father ran in the direction
the plane was coming from, my mother just stood there paralysed with fear.

I ran in the same direction as the plane along the southern side of the house for the retired people towards the fenced alley between the two chicken yards.
I failed to get over the fence, and I turned to look at the plane. At the same moment the left wing broke off, the plane capsized and fell down about 250 m
east north east of us with the front end heading west, the wing closer to the east. It took place on a field belonging to Nørremarkgård. I could not see the very
air crash from my then position, but I was back on the road with a view to the wreckage a few seconds later.

There was no explosion neither before nor after the plane hit the ground. An engine was torn off by the crash. It continued across the road into the wall of the
old people’s home (here) on Skovlængevej. Fortunately nobody was hurt.

Then I would run towards the plane, but I was not allowed  to do that. However, I had noticed the route it had followed  before the crash and I searched that stretch
and  found  a piece of the aluminium  fuselage of about 40 cm. That kind of war souvenir was very popular. When I proudly presented the piece it was immediately
taken away from me and hidden  in a shed. I never saw it again.