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Above the database in English, if you leave out CWGC, Age and Commemorated at, you might write something like this:

Find a perished man of the Royal Navy via this database. Write at least a little in one of the fields or select a vessel. Then refine your search.
You may find more about each man via the website of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Click on the link.
Then click on the magnifying glass and on Find war dead. Enter the name e.g. Dixon, Frederick  and tick off First World War and click Search.
You get a number of records. Date of death 31 May 1916 will help you. Notice panel number at Plymouth Naval Memorial. Click on the arrow and
next page repeats details and adds his family and the name of the vessel. Below the grey background you may Download commemorative certificate and get this.
Find Blakemore, Thomas and panel number at Portsmouth Naval Memorial. See the name of the vessel and more. His certificate is this.
Try your own search and check the spelling, if you do not find the correct page. Write another variation of the name.
See the list of vessels with details.
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CWGC Last name First and middle names Crew pos Crew position No Vessel Age Commemorated at
At CWGC Richards James Marks C. C. Chief Carpenter UK-05 HMS Warrior 47 Plymouth p11
At CWGC Abbott John Napier E.R.A.3. Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class UK-05 HMS Warrior 25 Plymouth p14
At CWGC Astin Arthur Sto. 1. Stoker 1st Class UK-05 HMS Warrior 21 Plymouth p15
At CWGC Barrett Alfred Edwin Ld. Sto. Leading Stoker UK-05 HMS Warrior 26 Plymouth p14
At CWGC Blakemore Thomas Sto. 1. Stoker 1st Class UK-05 HMS Warrior 20 Portsmouth p17
At CWGC Burgess George Act. Ch. E.R.A. Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class UK-05 HMS Warrior 38 Plymouth p14
At CWGC Couch Albert John George Sto. P.O. Petty Officer Stoker UK-05 HMS Warrior 25 Plymouth p14
At CWGC Davey Henry Lewis Wireman 2. Wireman 2nd Class UK-05 HMS Warrior 20 Portsmouth p20
At CWGC Dixon Frederick Sto. 1. Stoker 1st Class UK-05 HMS Warrior 21 Plymouth p15
At CWGC Fast William Cross Sto. P.O. Petty Officer Stoker UK-05 HMS Warrior 30 Plymouth p14
At CWGC Goswell Thomas Henry Sto. 1. Stoker 1st Class UK-05 HMS Warrior ? Portsmouth p18
VOLKSBUND lange navne HMS Sparrowhawk
Volksbund - Ahlers Otto Obermaschinistenmaat D-01 SMS Lützow ?
Volksbund - Albrecht Hermann Torpedoobermaschinistenmaat D-01 SMS Lützow ?
Volksbund - Bachgänger Wilhelm Torpedoheizer D-01 SMS Lützow ?
Volksbund - Bals Heinrich Maschinistenmaat D-01 SMS Lützow ?
Volksbund - Becker Hermann Heizer D-01 SMS Lützow ?
Volksbund - Beencke Hans Funkentelegraphengast D-01 SMS Lützow ?
Volksbund - Behrens Georg Oberoboistmaat D-01 SMS Lützow ?
Volksbund - Beiler Heinrich Heizer d. R. D-01 SMS Lützow ?
Volksbund - Berge Kurt Maschinistanwerter D-01 SMS Lützow ?
Volksbund - Berngruber Walter Oberschreiber D-01 SMS Lützow ?
Volksbund - Blittkowski Gustav Nikolaus Oberheizer D-01 SMS Lützow ?
Volksbund - Blume Ernst Maschinistanwerter D-01 SMS Lützow ?